Fight against abuse

Fight against abuse

In an institution is always a place of violence “superior” over the “lower”, which is well shown in the Stanford prison experiment. There is violence and in the community. So for a year in the structural unit “grupu dzīvoklis” (group flat) of NGO “Latvijas samariešu apvienība” is emotional abuse of its inhabitants by one employee.

Leaders Group apartments all this year ignored complaints inhabitants. Desperate to solve the problem on the spot, our members asked the Resource Centre for people with mental disability “Zelda”. Their assistance has forced workers to pay attention to the problem. But not in order to solve it, but with a desire to cover up the case.

The person who filed the complaint, was called on the carpet, which has once again been emotionally abused and threatened to send him to a psychiatric hospital. Social worker, visiting victims for independent evaluation and protection of its interests, kicked by police.

The next week appointed legal advice on the matter. So to be continued …

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